Review: Grivel Duetto Helmet

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By Connor Chilcott
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Review: Grivel Duetto Helmet

"Grivel’s Duetto helmet disappears when being worn. It is extremely comfy, light, and easy to adjust over hats and hoods."

- Connor Chilcott

The 195g dual certified Duetto Helmet is made to bridge the gap between a clunky ski helmet and a climbing helmet. This helmet is a rendition of Grivel's Stealth climbing helmet. It is made of expanded polypropylene (EPP) so it is a bit thicker than the Stealth. The material and shape of the helmet make it so all sides of the helmet are rated for impact, while most climbing helmets are rated for impact only on the top. This is due to the main worry of a climbing helmet being overhead hazards such as rock or ice fall. To achieve the EN 1077 ski certification, not only did all sides have to be rated for impact but the holes in the helmet made for venting had to be smaller to impede penetration. Prior to using this helmet, I was backcountry skiing with the Stealth helmet. This allowed confidence when climbing up the couloir but gave little confidence on the descent.

FIT:  At first glance one may notice this helmet being a bit clunkier, but after putting the helmet on it is quickly realized that the comfy fit, lightness, and ease of use make this the go-to helmet for every alpine objective. When using other helmets in the past I have often not wanted to put them on while skinning or booting due to fears of overheating. We dread that feeling of booting up a couloir with our head sweating profusely, however this is the time we need the helmet most. I look forward to putting on the Duetto, and I do it any time there is any overhead hazard or I am looking to cut back on transition times and move as fast as possible. It is nice to not worry about overheating and at the summit when I have literally forgotten I had it on.

ADJUSTABILITY:  The adjustments are easy to use and the one-size-fits-all makes this helmet easy to fit over a wide range of hats and hoods. The full webbing adjustment system easily disappears into the helmet, allowing you to store a jacket inside as well.

WEIGHT:  The Duetto Helmet comes in as the lightest dual certified helmet currently on the market. It is 40% lighter than the closest competitor! Most dual certified helmets weigh around 300g (10.5oz), where the Duetto is just 195g (6.8oz). When going light in the mountains is a priority, saving weight on your helmet should be one of the first investments.

DURABILITY:  I have put about 45 days of use on the Duetto this spring. I have not been super careful with it and it is still showing no signs of wear. However, with this being a full foam helmet you definitely want to be cautious. When flying, I always have it with me in my carry on bag. When taking a break during a tour, if I'm sitting on my backpack I make sure to position the helmet so that I am not going to crush it. Little precautions here and there should give this helmet have a long life. As with most foam helmets, Grivel recommends retiring the Duetto if it shows signs of deformation.

COMPATIBILITY:  The Duetto is a well thought out ski mountaineering helmet. The four headlamp clips are very easy to use, even with gloves on. Also the back of the helmet is very flat so that your googles will stay in place when charging the downhill. These features are really well designed without adding much weight. When purchasing the Duetto, it also comes with a carrying system that easily attaches to any style backpack. This allows you to carry a smaller pack with the helmet on the outside, and the fit of the carry system will still allow for you to have a jacket inside the helmet and not worry about it falling out.

OVERVIEW:  Over the years I have had climbing helmets be broken from rock and ice fall. I have also had a ski helmet break due to hitting my head on hardpack snow. This crash still resulted in a concussion. I sure am glad I was wearing that helmet (a resort style certified ski helmet). I am a firm believer in having the appropriate gear for the job, and the Duetto Helmet makes me feel like I can charge hard on all aspects of the mountains. This is truly a one quiver helmet. When going on a big trip to a place like Europe, where I am planning to both ski and climb, this is the only helmet I will need to bring.

by Connor Chilcott

Connor is an alpinist and a mountain guide. He splits his time between the Pacific Northwest, Alaska, and South America, however he calls Seattle home. Connor has climbed big lines all over the world, and continues to look for ways to combine hard technical climbing with a classic ski descent. Connor began climbing at age 17 after falling in love with the winter environment following a winter ascent of Mt. Whitney. He continues to explore and seek challenges in the far reaches of the world.

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July 6, 2020
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