Photo by Nick Tatum

Photo by Eric Fallecker

Kimmie Tu

Hometown: Los Angeles, California

Activities: Rock Climbing, Hiking, & Trekking




Born to two Chinese Vietnamese immigrant parents, I was encouraged to go to college, keep my head down, be normal, and get married. So far I only accomplished going to college. I found climbing at the age of 25 and now I am 31 (in 2021). I climbed casually indoors for the first few years and took climbing more seriously in 2018 - 2019. During this period, I mainly sport climbed in Asia and Europe. There are not many Asian women who climb mountains, so I’m stoked to represent them! I’m hoping through representation, more Asian women will join in me scaling mountains and having a great time. Women can do badass things too! I don’t aim to be the strongest climber, but I would like to climb around the world!

Climbing Resume:

  • Taking my first outdoor sport climbing lead fall in 2018. The first fall is always the scariest. I’ll never forget.
  • Climbing 29 easy to moderate routes for my birthday in 2018, Green Climbers Home, Laos
  • Day Of The Phoenix, 5.12a, Yangshuo, China
  • Hard Rock, 5.12b, Green Climbers Home, Laos
  • Became a trad climber in 2020! Learning in Joshua Tree is scary.

Adventure Resume:

  • Trekked the Inca Tral in Peru
  • Trekked to Everest Base Camp through Nepal
  • Traveled for 18 months in 2018-2019 to climb in Asia and Europe!
  • Drove a motorcycle through Vietnam and Cambodia for four months in 2018


Rock Climbing in Yangshuo, China is Asia’s premier sport climbing destination. The climbing in Yangshuo is amazing because of the many four-star routes concentrated in one area. As a bonus, the landscape is surreal and resembles a Chinese painting. Accommodation is easy to find and the food is delicious. The social scene during high season is lively and it’s a great way to connect with climbers from all around the world. Getting to the crag is easy and involves a scooter and a short walk. With so many awesome aspects, it’s no wonder why Yangshuo is one of our top places to climb in Asia. This guide will outline the best season to visit, how to get to Yangshuo, where to stay, transportation, and more.


Written by Kimmie Tu


Photo by Stephen Le

Photo by April Davidson

Favorite Gear Picks

Edelweiss Performance Unicore 9.2mm, 70M

"Most supple rope on the market that actually lasts! Often I feel like you have to choose one or the other. This thing is a sporty workhorse."

Nalgene Kitchen Storage Food Containers, 16 oz. 

"I take this thing out with me everywhere from cragging to expeditions. It's completely leak proof, so you can even put soup in it. The wide-mouth design makes it easy to eat out of. In the winter I just glue closed cell foam to the outside to make it insulated. Sounds funny to love a piece of "tupperware" so much, but I hate bars and I like saving real food for when I need energy the most."

Grivel Mountain Runner Comp 5L

"I love to do long runs and this vest has everything you need for water and snacks, plus it's comfortable."

Sterling HollowBlock2 13.5"

"As far as prussiks go you can use anything, however the HollowBlock2 is simply the best. It lays flat, slides easier, and catches better. I prefer it to any other prussik material. I have it on my glacier travel kit, as well as to rappel with."

Edelweiss Sloop Footstep

"When big walling and jumaring you want the least amount of stuff on your harness as possible, but you also want it to be easy to use and durable.
I love the Sloop Footstep because they're light and easy, but quick to adjust. Jumar away!"