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    POINT 65 SWEDEN KING FISHER is available to buy in increments of 1

    The Point 65 Kingfisher is the most stable fishing kayak ever. With its sleek 31.1íí (79cm) beam, the King fisher is narrower than most fishing kayaks while maintaining excellent balance and stability. The hand-controlled, double-sided rudders make it exceptionally easy to maneuver and turn in tight conditions. The kayak can be powered by your arms, legs or an optional motor leaving your hands free to cast and catch your quota. The Kingfisher can be broken down into 2 pieces making it easy to transport from your car to your favorite fishing spot.

    • Total length: 331 cm / 11 ft
    • Front section: 171 cm / 67 in
    • Back section 166 cm / 65.5 in
    • Width: 79 cm / 31 in
    • Approximate section weight: Front 50 lb Rear 64 lb
    • Capacity: 130kg / 286 lbs
    • Front Hatch: 29 x 37 cm / 11.4 x 15 in.
    • Rear Hatch: 31 x 49 cm / 12.2 x 19.2 in.
    • Impulse Drive: 11.6 lb

    King Fisher –modular fishing kayak from Point 65 Sweden
    The awesome KingFisher solves the major drawbacks of other fishing kayaks:
    1. Slow and awkward paddling due to the hull-width needed for stability
    2. Extremely heavy and cumbersome carrying and lifting
    Maverick kayak designer Magnus De Brito worked the problems and found the solutions…
    Stability and performance The KingFisher is probably the most stable fishing kayak you’ve
    ever been in. Astonishing, considering its sleek 31.1’’ (79cm) beam. Most fishing kayaks are
    35’’ (90cm ) wide. The KingFisher is more than just stable —it´s incredibly well balanced.
    Standing up to fish from it, is a walk in the park. When paddling, you’ll instantly notice its
    great speed and straight tracking capabilities. And its unique, hand-controlled, double-sided
    rudders make it exceptionally easy to maneuver and turn.
    How is all this possible?
    The skilfully designed trimaran hull gives the KingFisher its solid stability, lightning speed and
    straight-as-an-arrow tracking power!
    Another great challenge was solving the weight problem. If you´ve ever tried heaving a
    fishing kayak up onto the roof of your car, you know the feeling. They are just too heavy and
    cumbersome. Until now. Point 65’s proven, patented, Snap-Tap modular system, allows the
    kayak to snap apart into two manageable sections that fit inside most cars. The process of
    snapping the King Fisher apart takes only a couple of seconds. Assembly is just as quick and
    easy. The Point 65 modular Snap-Tap system, introduced in 2009, has been successfully
    applied to a number of Point 65 kayak models and sold in the tens of thousands all around
    the world by some of the most reputable outdoor and paddle sport-retailers. A proven
    success! Carrying half a kayak is twice as easy —and it fits inside most cars. Not only that,
    you can store it under your bed, get it upstairs in the elevator, and even check it in when
    Can it get any better?
    Your KingFisher is already extremely stable, fast, straight tracking, agile, easy to carry,
    transport and store —all using proven technology. Is there more?
    Yes! The Kingfisher also features a huge carrying capacity with the ability to take a full load
    of gear, provisions and any size of paddler.
    The KingFisher Game Chair
    Featuring one of the most comfortable seats on the kayak fishing market, the Kingfisher
    Game Chair offers a variety of settings to give you a comfortable and effective paddling
    position. The super comfy KingFisher Game Chair, in combination with the kayak´s world
    class stability, speed, and logical accessory positioning, makes the KingFisher a great
    platform for fishing of all kinds and a serious fishing machine in all water types.
    Powered by arms, legs or motor

    While the KingFisher’s sleek trimaran hull is easily propelled by traditional paddle strokes
    and using the good old double-bladed kayak paddle is still an extremely effective way of
    moving across great expanses of rough water, you might want your arms and hands free for
    Legs –The Dragon Drive pedal system
    The optional Dragon Drive easily pops into its slot in the kayak and effectively propels you
    forward and backward using leg power. The pedal drive unit is extremely light weight, is fully
    waterproof and features several gear ratios. It’s one of the few pedal driven units on the
    market that can be driven both forward and in reverse. With your largest muscle group in
    play, kayak fishing becomes easier and more efficient than ever.
    Electricity –The ScubaJet Motor drive
    The optional, electrical, ScubaJet Motor Drive is redefining the world of kayak propulsion
    technology. The motor unit and integrated battery pack, can easily be attached below the
    kayak or on the side, depending on your preference.
    The ScubaJet Motor Drive takes you farther, faster with top speeds reaching up to 6 mph at
    a range of around 20 miles. Its integrated lithium battery lasts up to 8 hours. At only 15lbs.
    the KingFisher´s ScubaJet Motor Drive comes equipped with an intelligent remote throttle
    that displays your GPS-calculated speed, remaining range and battery runtime. Fully variable
    forward/reverse functionality allows you to set the throttle to the speed you want so you
    can be hands-free. It’s quiet, low-maintenance and light-weight.

    Product name: Point 65 Sweden King Fisher Solo
    Includes front and back sections
    Description: Modular Sit On Top Kayak, solo
    Available in colors: Moss Green and Grey*
    *Color availability may vary between countries
    Moss Green SKU: 016601210211 / EAN 13 Bar code: 7340044919764
    Grey SKU: 016601210210 / EAN 13 Bar code: 7340044919757
    Length: 11’ / 331 cm
    Length front section: 67’’ / 171 cm
    Length back section: 65.5” / 166 cm
    Width: 31’’ / 79 cm
    Weight 70 lbs / 32 kg
    Weight front section: 35 lbs / 16 kg
    Weight front section: 35 lbs / 16 kg
    Front hatch: 11.4’’ x 15” / 29 cm x 38 cm
    Rear hatch: 12.2’’ x 19.2” / 31 cm x 49 cm
    Capacity: 286 lbs / 130kg
    Rudder: Yes
    Bullet points. style: Solo
    - Swedish design & engineering, made in Europe
    - Front & back section included
    - Modular -splits apart for easy storage, carrying and transport
    - Sections come together and split apart in less than 10 seconds
    - Fit’s in most cars, weighs 67 lbs
    - Snap-Tap modular connection system keeps all sections securely latched together
    - Each section floats independantly - Trimaran hull for stability, tracking & speed
    - Made of strong, impact- and UV-resistant, maintenance-free and recyclable 1-layer HTP
    - Super efficient, twin rudders for maneuverability
    - Dual steering handles with fingertip control.
    - KingFisher Game Chair, slides on tracks with adjustable height
    - Rear cargo area with bungees and floor mounted rails
    - Multiple aluminum rails on floor and fore deck- Front section floor covered EVA standing
    pad and fitted with marine grade aluminum rails on sides along the floor for maximum
    customization flexibility
    - Integrated rod holder recesses & rod tip protectors
    - Flush mounted rod holders - Opening for Impulse-Drive pedal system- Opening for optional
    Impulse Drive pedal system, doubles as grab recess
    - Marine grade aluminum rails fits RAM, Scotty and other fittings
    - Rails for customized accessory placement so accessories can be folded into stow away for
    - Huge rear cargo area padded with EVA foam and marine grade aluminum rails
    - Storage space for tackle boxes below chair

    - Front and rear hatch with removable liner for gear, battery packs etc
    - Aft platform ready for mounting electric motor, pole anchor etc
    - Fittings with stand up line attached
    - Paddle parks on both sides
    - Grab recess for easy carrying
    - Recessed rod through with covered rod tip protection
    - Starboard scupper on back section recess to fit most tranducers
    - Ø50mm scuppers in back to fit bilge/bait pump

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