Employee Spotlight - Jenny Moyer

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By Jenny Moyer
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Employee Spotlight - Jenny Moyer

Hello! My name is Jenny and I’m the Northeast/Midwest sales rep at Liberty Mountain. I’m a Northeast native – growing up in North Central Pennsylvania. I’ve always loved the outdoors, and working in the industry has only grown this passion within me! I went to college for Business Management, and worked in advertising right out of college. I loved the fast paced work environment of advertising, but found the work to be unfulfilling. I heard about Liberty Mountain by spending my summers working at Camp Susque during high school and college. The director used to be a sales rep and recommended I apply when there was an opening. Currently, most of my free time is spent climbing, mountain biking, snowboarding, etc. but I also enjoy reading, drinking coffee, spending time with friends, and exploring new places!

Grand Canyon National Park

Job Title: Northeast/Midwest Sales Representative

Time working for Liberty Mountain: Since November 2018

Short Description of what I do at Liberty: I work with the brick and mortar shops located in the Northeast/Midwest to process orders, book preseasons, and answer any questions that my customers might have. I also attend regional tradeshows and events representing our house and exclusive brands.

What I like most about my job: I love getting to build relationships with customers, hearing about their latest adventures, and geeking out over gear! 

The Gunks
Adirondack Ice Festival

Current Outdoor Activities: Climbing, Mountain Biking, Snowboarding, Hiking, and Backpacking

I have always been a hiker, which led me to backpacking. I don’t get the opportunity to go too often, but love the challenges that come with carrying everything you need to live off of in your pack. My last backpacking trip, my coworker Jen and I hiked the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon West Rim Trail. It was an easy trail, but we pushed the pace covering the full 30 miles in just a day in a half! Last year, I decided to dip my toes into mountain biking. I luckily bought my Trek Roscue 6 right before bikes became hard to come by! I love how free mountain biking makes you feel, and how easy it is to cover miles on the trail. Another new hobby this year for me was snowboarding. I had tried skiing a few times over the years, but have always wanted to be a snowboarder. Thanks to my multi-talented climbing partners, I had a crew to teach me the ways and watch me fall down the mountain behind them. I fortunately caught on quick with only a handful of bruises! Which leads me to my last, and currently most pursued hobby – climbing! I started climbing at the gym casually a couple years ago, but dove in headfirst last year when I fell in love with outdoor climbing. I ended up on a trip to the Gunks in New York and learned how to follow trad. I did my first multipitches and found myself a crew of dedicated (and very patient) climbers to show me the ropes! During my short climbing career I’ve been able to experience some incredible climbing areas including the Gunks (our go-to spot), the Red River Gorge, Joshua Tree, and Red Rocks. Also, thanks to my job at Liberty I’ve tried my hand at ice climbing in the Adirondacks and the Picture Rocks in the UP! I love the community and places climbing has brought me, and can’t wait to see where it takes me next! One of my goals this year is to get my first trad leads in!

Joshua Tree National Park

Favorite outdoor areas: The local PA area will always have a special place in my heart, but I’ve been smitten with the West lately and keep talking about making the move out to Utah. I also love the Gunks – the climbing there is so aesthetic, especially in the fall!

Favorite Gear: I love talking gear – so bear with me! I love my backpacking set-up including a Hyperlite Windrider pack and Peregrine Kestrel tent. My favorite piece of gear that they no longer make is a Pressbot French Press that fits inside a Nalgene! Climbing harness is a Beal Ghost and climbing pack a Mountain Hardware Scrambler. Not quite “gear” but Chaco Rambles are my all-time favorite shoe. I practically live in them. 

Piece of outdoor gear you most wish you had: Does a Sprinter Van count? I’d love to have a little mobile apartment since everyone in PA is so spread out from each other and I spend so much time driving back and forth.

First memory spending time outdoors: Growing up we had a playhouse my dad built with a 15ft. ladder that led to a deck. We used to sleep out on the deck and watch the stars from it. (But in reality I grew up outside running around the yard barefoot and climbing trees – so that wasn’t necessarily my “first” memory).

Camelback, Tannersville PA

Dream Vacation: I’ve always wanted to go to New Zealand or a trip to Ireland/Scotland/England. But there has to be climbing and hiking involved!

Favorite food to eat outside: Coffee? I love a cup of coffee in the morning while watching the sunrise in a cool outdoor space!

Top-Five Favorite Movies: I’m the worst at watching movies… it’s almost a game to find a movie quote that I understand!

Top-Five Favorite Books: This always is changing, but right now – Climbing Free by Lynn Hill and the Outlander Series are at the top!

Inspirational Hero: Lynn Hill – she’s short like me, which proves to me that my height can’t be an excuse for not climbing hard.

Arches National Park
April 7, 2021
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